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The Deliciousbites Kitchen Brand


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Coconut flavor Chin Chin

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Deliciousbites.kitchen is a product of USA and owned by Deliciousbites Kitchen Company, a Texas registered company, located in Dallas, TX.  We are registered in the State of Texas as “Deliciousbites Kitchen”. You can book or place your order on our website www.deliciousbites.kitchen. We also cater for large occasions like wedding, birthdays and other celebrations. Just give us a call at 214-865-8471 or email us at the following orders@deliciousbites.kitchen or Sales@deliciousbites.kitchen



Natural Ingredients


All our products are made exclusively from quality ingredients and contain safe nutritional facts. In our label recipes, we consciously refrain from using ingredients such as artificial aromas, colors, and flavors. Our 100% natural ingredients ensure the best Delicious bites and taste. In the production of our products, we use non-hydrogenated vegetable oils to a very large extent.

Our Products


Delicious bites Chin Chin  – 100% genuine flour mix fried snacks enjoyment!For all our Delicious bites products, we only use the best flours. Our products have been a hallmark of excellent quality.


Our Delicious bites Chin Chin is produced without any preservatives – from mixing of the flours to the delivery of the finished product, we monitor the entire production process.


Our Meat and Chicken pies products are manufactured using top-quality beef/sausage and chicken breasts. All our products and ingredients are naturally subject to permanent quality control.


Our Sausage and Fish Rolls have the best and most delicious taste. No preservatives and well-baked with precision timing until fully cooked. We also have and supply tasteful Scotch eggs on demand. Just give us a call 214-865-8471 or email us at Sales@deliciousbites.kitchen   and book your order. We also accept catering for events or and provide other catering services


Coconut flavor Chin Chin This is our best-selling product and snacks. Our new Coconut flavoredChin Chin snack is a new American style taste. Get a taste of Organic Coconut Chin chin Snacks from deliciousbites Kitchen when you need to fill the void and satisfy the taste. It also comes in both large or medium pack to satisfy your needs.