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A Scotch egg consists of a hard or soft-boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, coated in bread crumbs and baked or deep-fried.  Our signature is in the type of wrapped sausage meat we use. There are no preservatives or artificial flavors in our scotch eggs.


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A Scotch egg consists of a hard or soft-boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, coated in bread crumbs, and baked or deep-fried.  Our signature is in the type of wrapped sausage meat we use. There are no preservatives or artificial flavors in our scotch eggs.  To preserve the quality, our scotch eggs are shipped in vacuum-sealed packs.  There are several theories on the history of Scotch eggs:  Please read below.

Are Scotch eggs really Scottish?

  • The practice of encasing a pre-cooked egg in forcemeat developed not in Scotland but in North Africa. The technique made its way to Britain via France and was first recorded in England during the reign of Elizabeth I. Scotch eggs were originally spiked with cloves and highly spiced in an attempt to sweeten the often-putrefying meat. The term itself is obscure but may come, though I doubt it, from a corruption of the word ‘scorch’ (which in Elizabethan times had ribald associations). The first Scotch eggs were cooked over a naked flame, after all. For more about Scotch eggs and Algerian cookery see Colin Cutler’s excellent book, 1001 Strange Things (Beaver Books, 1970).    ……Ali Mignot, London SW1.
  • SCOTCH eggs originated in the Whitby area of Yorkshire in the late 19th century. Originally, they were not covered in sausage meat but in a rich, creamy fish paste before being sprinkled with breadcrumbs. Their name in those days was ‘Scotties,’ allegedly because they were made at an eatery by the name of William J Scott & Sons close to the seafront. Hence, over a period of time, the term Scotch eggs were adopted. This was thought to be because the major food stores that started selling the delicacy were unhappy with the name and adopted a more formal approach to marketing. Sausage meat replaced the fish paste purely for packaging reasons, although on my last visit to Scarborough the original recipe was still being used in a local cafeteria. More information can be obtained from Culinary Delights of Yorkshire by Peter Bone (R Fyfe & Co, 1981).

Robert Egan, Stevenage, Herts.

  • According to A Caledonian Feast by Annette Hope (Grafton Books, 1989), Scotch eggs were an Indian export in the early 19th century, along with curry and kedgeree. The dish was first mentioned by Meg Dods, circa 1830, in one of her recipe collections. Annette Hope continues: ‘It bears an odd similarity _ striking though probably coincidental _ with an Indian dish called Nargis Kofta, which consists of hard-boiled eggs coated with cooked spiced minced mutton and fried, then cut in half and served in a sauce of curried tomato and onion’ (Page 251).

Lynda Bowen, Nottingham.

Introducing our exquisite Tasty Scotch Eggs, a culinary masterpiece that embodies perfection. Each Scotch egg features a carefully selected hard or soft-boiled egg enveloped in delectable sausage meat, delicately coated with breadcrumbs, and expertly prepared through baking or deep-frying. What sets our signature Scotch Eggs apart is the exceptional quality of the sausage meat we use, ensuring a flavor experience beyond compare.

At our establishment, we prioritize the purity of our Scotch Eggs. We take pride in using only the finest ingredients, free from preservatives and artificial flavors, guaranteeing a truly authentic taste. To preserve the utmost freshness, our Scotch Eggs are thoughtfully packaged in vacuum-sealed packs, ensuring that they arrive at your door in perfect condition.

Delight in the rich history of Scotch Eggs, a tale woven with fascinating origins and cultural influences. While their name may suggest Scottish roots, the practice of encasing pre-cooked eggs in forcemeat actually emerged in North Africa. This technique then traveled to Britain via France, finding its place in Elizabethan England. Initially, Scotch Eggs were seasoned with cloves and spices to counteract the sometimes-spoiled meat. The term itself remains somewhat mysterious, possibly unrelated to Scotland and more likely derived from a bygone association with the word ‘scorch.’ The early preparation of Scotch Eggs involved cooking them directly over an open flame. For further insights on Scotch Eggs and Algerian cuisine, Colin Cutler’s remarkable book, “1001 Strange Things” (Beaver Books, 1970), provides an enlightening read.

Another captivating chapter in the history of Scotch Eggs unfolds in the Whitby area of Yorkshire during the late 19th century. Originally known as ‘Scotties,’ they were encased in a luscious, creamy fish paste before being adorned with breadcrumbs. The name ‘Scotties’ stemmed from their creation near a seaside establishment called William J Scott & Sons. Over time, the term Scotch Eggs gained popularity, likely due to a shift towards formal marketing strategies initiated by major food stores. While modern variations feature sausage meat for convenience, the authentic fish paste recipe still thrives in local cafeterias, preserving the heritage of this Yorkshire delicacy. For further exploration, Peter Bone’s “Culinary Delights of Yorkshire” (R Fyfe & Co, 1981) offers a wealth of information.

Surprisingly, Scotch Eggs also have ties to India. Annette Hope’s “A Caledonian Feast” (Grafton Books, 1989) reveals that Scotch Eggs were exported from India in the early 19th century, alongside curry and kedgeree. Meg Dods, a renowned figure of the time, referenced the dish in her recipe collections around 1830. An intriguing parallel can be drawn between Scotch Eggs and an Indian specialty known as Nargis Kofta, featuring hard-boiled eggs coated in spiced minced mutton, fried, and served with a curry-infused tomato and onion sauce. This fascinating connection, though possibly coincidental, captivates the imagination. (Page 251)

To experience the unparalleled pleasure of our Tasty Scotch Eggs, conveniently purchase them online. With just a few clicks, you can embark on a culinary journey, indulging in the flavors that have enthralled generations. Whether you seek an exquisite treat for yourself or a memorable gift for a food connoisseur, our Scotch Eggs are the epitome of gastronomic excellence.

Immerse yourself in the allure of Tasty Scotch Eggs, where tradition intertwines with innovation, creating an unforgettable sensory experience. Savor the legacy, relish the flavors, and join us in celebrating the timeless appeal of Scotch Eggs.


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